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Turn your Pain into Power

Miss Hellbreaker and Madalena Dragon


Are you struggling with low energy levels and feeling blocked in life?

Do you find yourself comparing your journey to others and feeling like you're falling behind?

Are procrastination and dwelling on the past holding you back?

If you're ready to break free from these limitations and reclaim your power, then this transformational is designed just for you.

In this empowering 3-week journey, you'll learn how to:

Acknowledge and release the pain that's been holding you back.

Embrace the present moment and let go of past restrictions and limitations.

Tap into your inner strength and unlock your true potential.

Join us on this life-changing adventure and let go of the shackles that have been holding you back. It's time to turn your pain into strength and step into the powerful, vibrant life you deserve.

Enroll now and set yourself on the path to a more liberated, fulfilled you. Your transformation awaits!


Turn your Pain into Power

3 week journey into Freedom

  • A transformational experience

    A library of Meditations for you to experience and go deeper into yourself; a transformative journey within yourself awaits.

  • Hands-on tools

    Empower yourself with hands-on tools that not only guide you through this transformative experience but also serve as lifelong support for your personal growth journey.

  • Shifting of perspectives

    Transform your reality by harnessing the profound ability to shift your perspective, revolutionizing how you perceive and experience yourself and the world.

  • Taking back your Power

    Embrace your Power with full responsibility and awaken as the master creator of your life, energy, and limitless future.

  • Lifetime Access

    All the resources will be available for you to come back to at any moment. When you first enter the Space, you have to go through each portal consecutively, as each one opens 7 days after the previous has been unlocked.

  • What's inside

    Turn your Pain into Power

  • Acknowledging your Pain and Trauma Release  - Discover the Key to Healing

    Uncover the transformative process of acknowledging and understanding your pain, allowing you to pave the way for profound healing and growth.

  • Being in the Now - Embrace the Present and Release the Past

    Learn the art of living in the present moment, empowering you to release past burdens and shape a powerful, purposeful future.

  • Embracing your Power - Unleash Your True Potential

    Tap into your inner strength and potential to overcome adversity, and step into your authentic power to live a life of fulfilment and abundance.

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    Meet the Facilitators

  • Miss Janneke Hellebrekers

    Janneke Hellebrekers (aka miss Hellbreaker) comes from the Netherlands and lives in the South of Spain.

    She gives Kundalini yoga and meditation, transformational Ankh healings and courses, dances and workshops off and online to people all over the world. She is also very active on social media with lots of video's and talks that spread seeds of awakening.

    She feels she broke free from the matrix (system) and lives in paradise. She hopes to brighten up the world with her joy, wisdom, love and happiness and helps people to find that inside themselves too.

  • Madalena Dragon

    Madalena Dragon lives in Portugal.

    She is a multifaceted being with many passions.

    She is a Visionary and Light Language Artist and she expresses her Art through Digital Drawings, Dancing/Movement and Singing. She offers Light Language Codes and Codexes and Light Language Activations.

    She does Multidimensional and Quantum Energy Weaving and Healing and offers powerful Energy Healings, Ankh Healings and Quantum Healings.

    She is a Tantra Teacher and Facilitator and Space Holder of In Person Ceremonial and Transformational Spaces and Containers. From Cacao Ceremonies, to Women's Circles, to Movement and Ecstatic Dance, Tantra Workshops, Kundalini Activations and more.

    She is also a Youtuber who loves to share about all the multidimensional aspects of her reality. She shares about Spirituality, Self Development, Entrepreneurship, Light Language, Guided Meditations, Paradox and also throws in some Spiritual Humor.

    Did I forget to mention she is a Dragon?

    Madalena is deeply connected with Multidimensional Beings and is particularly close to the Dragons.